Mixing & Mastering Ordering

Please Contact Us First Before Ordering With Your Request

Do you want record company quality mixes and mastering? If your answer was yes to both questions then you have found the right place. JVH Productions is your mixing and mastering headquarters for professional record label sounding mixes like you hear from major record labels without the outrages prices. We have experience with mixing and mastering Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, Funk, Soul, and Gospel.  

All mixing is processes through the Harrison Mixbus 32 Analog Mixing Console and mastered using  Lurssen Mastering Console. We use real analog gear for mixing not analog plugins and presets

 During Mixing We Will

  • Adjust Volume Levels
  • Adjust Panning
  • Use Compression, Multiband Compression, Limiter
  • Adjust EQ 
  • Setup Reverb, Delay & Other Effects
  • Auto Tuning If Vocals Are Out Of Tune

 During Mastering We Will

  • Polish Your Mix With Frequency And Dynamic Corrections
  • Stereo Widening To Help Give Your Mix A More Widening Effect
  • Maximize Your Mix To Industry Standard Levels And Give It Punch And Loudness
  • Issue And Embed An ISRC Code Into Your Files


  • Vocal Or Track Editing $15 Per Song
  • Timing Correction $15 Per Stem
  • Tracking Out Stems And Send Them Back $15 Per Song

Please contact us if you'll need any of the above extras added to your order


What You Will Get
You will receive a professionally mixed and mastered radio ready song with 1 high quality Wave and Mp3 file along with an ISRC Code embedded if requested. 

Prices are based on how many stems we must work with, minimum price will be $25 per song for mixing. 

Turn around time is 3-5 days depending on how many stems that we have to work with

We have a 100% money back guarantee that if your not completely satisfied you pay nothing. 

Please Upload Your Stem / Tracks Using The Upload Link Below



Audio Mixing Services

Audio Mixing Up To 16 Stems

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Professional mixing services provided per songs with up to 16 stems / tracks. Please contact us if your song has more than 16 stems for price


Audio Mastering Services

Audio Mastering Services

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Professional mastering services provided per song. Please contact us for mastering requirements and files we'll need.