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Our Mission? 

We are an authorized ISRC Registrar, licensed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and approved by IFPI to issue ISRC Codes to clients worldwide.   

We are authorized to properly register each of your recordings with a legal ISRC code that will permit you to uniquely identify your songs, videos, or spoken word recordings.   

Once you have purchased your ISRC codes, you will be able to submit your recordings for sale or streaming on iTunes (Apple Music) & other online distributors of music, video, and spoken word recordings. You will also use your ISRC codes to submit your work to Nielsen SoundScan for participation in the Billboard charts.   

What is an ISRC Code?

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. It was developed by the international recording industry through the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The purpose of the ISRC code is to uniquely identify sound and music video recordings. ISRC Codes allow you track sales and radio play both online and for broadcast radio.  

The ISRC code is a unique 12 character alphanumeric code that is assigned to a specific recording or mix. The code can be burned into the recording during the mastering process for a CD or by the internet distribution company you use to sell your music. Burning in the code will allow for tracking of sales and usage both in CD format as well as on the internet.  

Do I need ISRC Codes? 

​If you plan to distribute, sell, or use your recordings for radio play and promotional purposes, then the ISRC system will help you to track the sales and radio play of your recordings. The codes are only necessary for the final release version of your song. If the recording is primarily for personal use like a demo, rehearsal recording or a rough mix then getting a code will not be necessary. ISRCs are designed for tracking publicly released recordings.  

How do I get ISRC Codes?​  

The code must be assigned by qualified ISRC Manager, music service provider or by applying directly to the RIAA.   

As of September 1st 2015 it is no longer possible to purchase ISRC codes from an ISRC manager unless it is part of a “value added” service such as mixing / mastering or having the codes embedded into your audio files.  

ISRC Management Services: 

​I am a designated ISRC manager recognized by the RIAA and IFPI under the business name of JVH Productions & Recordings. I can only provide ISRC codes along with the mastering or MP3 encoding services I provide.  

​MP3 Encoding Services 

​​MP3 Encoding Services include the creation of MP3 files with embedded artwork and metadata including ISRC Codes that are included with the purchase. To purchase MP3 embedding services please make payment below of $15.00 for up to 8 songs. Upon completion of the payment please click the "ISRC Code Request Form" button to download and submit your song titles. Fill in the necessary information and your ISRC Codes will be Emailed to you within 24 hours once the request form is received. You will then receive instructions for uploading your mastered mix files for encoding and embedding of your ISRC codes within your mp3 or wave files. Most encoding jobs are completed within one business day after all the necessary files are received.  


​​What Is Encoding & Embedding ISRC Codes in Audio Files? 

The process of embedding is the entry of the ISRC code into the metadata of your file. Below are some examples to illustrate what that means:   

You are riding in your car and the artist and title of a song is being displayed on the stereo or MP3 player.  Playing a song or video on your computer or phone and the cover picture of the artist is displayed along with a title and other information.   

Have you ever wondered where that information comes from?   

There are three possibilities of encoding that information. We can help you with achieving all of them:  

1. Just the ISRC code is embedded. This allows the information to be pulled from online databases which your Internet-connected devices access.   

2. All of the information is embedded directly in the file. (Yes, we can even embed the cover images.) This allows devices that are not connected to the Internet, like car stereos, MP3 players, CD players, etc. to display the information about your song.  

3. The ISRC plus all of the information is embedded in the file. This permits offline devices to display the information stored and online devices to have the option to display the stored information OR to pull the most current information from online databases.Also, have you wondered how the ISRC code gets connected to the audio file when you upload it for sale, and how sales and royalties are tracked?  

Embedding ISRC codes helps those who carry your work identify your songs and videos more easily. This aids them in tracking revenues, plays, etc. It is also beginning to be required in some cases. Embedding can help prevent song  misidentification as well. In addition, if you ever lose your ISRC code, we will be able to retrieve it for you if needed. 


ISRC Codes

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ISRC Codes will be issued for up to 8 songs.Please download the ISRC Request Form below then fill it out and return it to the email address